The Individuals Behind the Work

Catch a glimpse of the resilient professionals who work to provide healing and justice for victims of child abuse across the state of Massachusetts. Learn why the work done in CACs is so important, how professionals impact the life of a child and discover the camaraderie among colleagues in the multidisciplinary team


MACA is Hiring!

October 4, 2019

MACA is accepting applications for an Education and Training Coordinator! Please see our posting on Idealist for more information and how to apply!

Back to School Newsletter

August 29, 2019

Check out MACA’s Back to School Newsletter featuring resources on how to talk about body safety with children, how trauma impacts learning in the classroom and more.

MACA’s Summer 2019 Newsletter

July 8, 2019

Check out our Summer 2019 Newsletter to find out what the MACA team has been up to this Spring. Sending your children to summer camp? We have tips and questions to ask your camp to make sure your children are safe this summer!