Legislative Action

Call to Action- FY 20 Amendments- We Need Your Voice at the State House

Two amendments were recently made to the House budget that will help us reach children who need specialized mental health services. Please encourage your Representative to support Amendment #1292 and #775 by calling or emailing them today!

AMENDMENT #1292 -filed by Rep. Paul Mark

This amendment ensures CACs will have funds to improve their satellite spaces so all children will have the same experience no matter where they live. Additionally, it would mean that MACA can host specialized mental health trainings in Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention- an evidence-based mental health intervention for child victims of abuse

AMENDMENT #775 – filed by Rep. Kay Khan

This amendment provides proper funding for the legislatively created Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Task Force for which MACA is a member. Additional funds are ensured for evidence-based, specialized mental health interventions for children who may display problematic sexualized behaviors as well as funding for web-based prevention trainings

Has your Rep already co-sponsored one of the amendments? Check the list below, if so, please THANK them for their support and ask that they sponsor both! We will be updating this list frequently the next couple days (Updated 4.19.19 at 2pm)



  • Rep. Mark (Peru)
  • Rep. Ashe (Longmeadow)
  • Rep. Barrett (North Adams)
  • Rep. Donahue (Worcester)
  • Rep. Honan (Boston)
  • Rep. Keefe (Worcester)
  • Rep. Lewis (Framingham)
  • Rep. Sabadosa (Northampton)
  • Rep. Vega (Holyoke)
  • Rep. Gentile (Sudbury)
  • Rep. Whipps (Athol)

  • Rep. Whelan (Barnstable)
  • Rep. Williams (Springfield)
  • Rep. Lewis (Framingham)
  • Rep. Khan (Newton)
  • Rep. Provost (Somerville)
  • Rep. Petrolati (Chicopee)
  • Rep. Crocker Jr. (Barnstable)
  • Rep. Hawkins (Attleboro)
  • Rep. D’Emilia (Bridgewater)
  • Rep. Blais (Sunderland)
  • Rep. O’Day (West Boylston)
  • Rep. Decker (Cambridge)
  • Rep. Whelan (Brewster)
  • Rep. Ultrino (Malden)
  • Rep. Gouveia (Acton)
  • Rep. Velis (Westfield)
  • Rep. Higgins (Leominster)
  • Rep. Elugardo (Boston)
  • Rep. Poirier (North Attleborough)
  • Rep. Holmes (Boston)
  • Rep. Khan (Newton)
  • Rep. Blais (Sunderland)
  • Rep. Gouveia (Acton)
  • Rep. Holmes (Dorchester
  • Rep. Lewis (Framingham)
  • Rep. Robinson (Framingham)
  • Rep. Tosado (Springfield)
  • Rep. Provost (Somerville)
  • Rep. Keefe (Worcester)
  • Rep. Petrolati (Chicopee)
  • Rep. Whipps (Athol)
  • Rep. LeBoeuf (Worcester)
  • Rep. Velis (Westfield)
  • Rep. Higgins (Leominster)


Find your State Senator and Representative here!

CALL: Simply call your Representative’s office and speak with whomever answers the phone and cover the below:

  1. State your name and where you live
  2. Ask that the Representative please co-sponsor Rep. Mark’s Amendment #1292 and Rep. Khan’s Amendment #775
  3. Tell them that you would like your tax dollars to support the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable citizens: child victims of abuse
  4. You’re done!

EMAIL: You can also reach your representative via email. We’ve provided a template below that you can use to make sure our message is heard!

Subject: Please sign onto Amendments #1292 and #775 to help child victims of abuse

Dear Representative [NAME],

I am a constituent living in [TOWN/CITY] and respectfully urge you to sign onto Representative Mark’s amendment #1292, which moves to provide much needed additional funding for Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) across MA, which provide compassionate, coordinated services to child victims of abuse. The demand for CAC services and the number of child victims they serve has increased by 37% in the past 3 years alone. This amendment would support CACs statewide – including the CAC in our county – as well as support mental health trainings in Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention, an evidence-based mental health treatment for child victims of abuse.

I also urge you to sign onto Representative Khan’s amendment #775, which will support the Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Task Force, specialized mental health interventions for children who may display problematic sexual behaviors, and web-based child sexual abuse prevention trainings.

Thank you!



MACA works with our members, partner organizations, and individuals for better resources and legislation in our state. We advocate for proper funding and bills for services for the most vulnerable population in our Commonwealth: child victims of sexual and physical abuse. We need your help, and it’s really easy to pitch in! Here are some examples of how you can support our initiative.

  • State Funding and Legislation: Services for child victims of sexual and severe physical abuse in Massachusetts are supported through line item 4510-0810, which provides funding to MACA and CACs.
  • Federal Funding and Legislation: The federal Victims of Child Abuse Act provides critical funding to MACA and CACs throughout the state, as well as nationwide. CAC advocacy and mental health services are also supported by the federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funds. MACA works to make sure our Senators and Members of Congress preserve funding for these essential services.

For Fiscal Year 2020 MACA, along with the National Children’s Alliance (NCA), is advocating for $32.5 million dollars in the VCAA in order to benefit child victims of abuse.

Each year we meet with our legislators at the National Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference. National Children’s Alliance holds its annual Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. allowing its membership to meet with their Federal and State officials on “Hill Day’. We use this opportunity to educate our elected officials about the effectiveness of Children’s Advocacy Centers and answer any questions they may have.