URGENT- FY 20 Amendments- We need YOUR help!

Two amendments were recently made to the House budget that will help us reach children who need specialized mental health services. To learn more about these two amendments, a list of representatives who have already signed on and talking points, visit our Legislative Action page! 

AMENDMENT #1292 – filed by Rep. Paul Mark : This amendment ensures CACs will have funds to improve their satellite spaces so all children will have the same experience no matter where they live. Additionally, it would mean that MACA can host specialized mental health trainings in Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention- an evidence-based mental health intervention for child victims of abuse

AMENDMENT #775 – filed by Rep. Kay Khan : This amendment provides proper funding for the legislatively created Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Task Force for which MACA is a member. Additional funds are ensured for evidence-based, specialized mental health interventions for children who may display problematic sexualized behaviors as well as funding for web-based prevention trainings